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Work Hard, Play Hard

"There aren't enough hours in the day." Haven't we all said that a million times?! The truth is, even if there were 50 hours in each day we'd still feel like there wasn't enough time. So, it really isn't about how much you can pack into each day, it's more about finding BALANCE of work time and play time, and this is no easy task. I have yet to meet anyone who has mastered the mix or perfected the art. Some are radically imbalanced, often with the work side pulling down so hard that they have totally forgotten how to find joy.

Generally, these people seem to walk around like zombies or appear to be on the verge of an anxiety attack at all times. For those of us who have been in the fast paced, professional arena, we get it, no judgement. Others are so consumed with living the "good life" that they rarely show up for work and struggle professionally. So, you're having a blast but you can barely pay the bills and have to worry about where your next mortgage payment is coming from??? Also, not balanced. Personally, I relate more to scenario #1 than scenario #2 but I am proud to say that as of recent, I have found a glimmer of hope in coming more close to finding static equilibrium.

At the farm, we generally all function in a greater state of balance. There is always so much to do but the great outdoors and the big open spaces lend themselves to a spontaneous game of tag, chasing the dogs in the tall grass or visiting with a neighboring horse in between tasks. Here, the kids truly fascinate me. At times, I see the work side and the play side of each of them in such perfect form and I am reminded that balance can exist.

So, if you are chipping away relentlessly at work, don't forget to carve out some time for fun. Spend time with friends, eat that dessert, take that bike ride or on the way home from the office, head to the beach for a quick swim at sunset to celebrate another day of accomplishments. I promise, you'll be glad you did.

-Lynn R.

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