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Meet a few of our 4-legged family members!

You know what brings me joy these days? Aside from the obvious (family, friends and farming), I am really in love with seeing how happy our dogs are at the farm. We've always been pet people; maybe to a fault. We have taken in our share of stray dogs and cats and given them a permanent residence. We have a tortoise named Pete that used to do his best to escape and adventure around the neighborhood as often as he could find a quick route until we finally outsmarted him. Yes, I know it sounds odd to say that our tortoise would "run" away but it's true, he can move pretty quick when he wants to.

Today, however, my heart and mind are focused on our dogs. We currently have two. Smokey Joe, a french bulldog, filled with more vim and vigor than can possibly be contained. He is the epitome of character. Sometimes, he isn't received well by other dogs as his breathing is so heavy and loud that he sounds more like a pig or some strange, unidentified creature. In reality, he is a bundle of love that is always bursting at the seams to show you how much personality he has. He is obsessed with rocks (and really, almost any round object). Once he finds a favorite round treasure, he'll hold it in his mouth and peek around to make sure no one intends to take it from him. If he's really feeling spunky, he will put it on the ground and "scream" at it. I don't know how else to describe the sound he makes, it's not a bark, it's literally a doggy scream. I might have to capture one of his episodes on video so you will can observe firsthand some of his shenanigans.

Daisy is our other pooch. She's an oldie but a goodie; a 12-year old boxer who is slowing down a bit more as each day passes. We have had her since she was 6 weeks old so she's grown up with the kids and humored us as we've introduced other animals into the home. We love her to no end and she is truly a part of our family. While she used to be the most beautiful shade of black and brown, a true fawn, she now has so much grey in her coat that white is almost her predominant color. I still think she is the most beautiful dog in the world.

So, why am I taking about our pups?! Well, our journeys to the farm often include Daisy and Smokey Joe. When they hear the truck door open or see us carrying one bucket in particular, they line up like little soldiers at the door and wait to be allowed to beeline to the truck to make the trek. Even on days when Daisy is seemingly too old and tired to stand up, she instantly regains a piece of her youth when she knows a trip to the farm is in her future. When we arrive, they run and run and run until they pass out from shear enthusiastic exhaustion. It melts my heart to see them so happy. I know (tears filling my eyes) that we might not have Daisy with us much longer so bringing her that joy every chance we get is right on my radar.

Thanks for indulging my little heartfelt side-rant. You will certainly get to know our family as we continue this journey so I figured I'd start with a few of the 4-legged ones.

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