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Let those creative juices flow!

There is much I love about this "hot" business but one of my favorite components so far is the creativity it allows. Something about developing new products and recipes reinvigorates that childhood feel. Remember pretending to be a baker and making mud pies or daydreaming of working in a laboratory as a mad scientist creating new discoveries? Well, that is a big part of our life now except we don't use mud and we don't work in a lab! We do, however, spend lots of time in the kitchen. It can be hard to get it "right" the first time but so fun and fulfilling when you create something that is unique and delicious.

It's funny how a new brainstorm begins. A family dinner conversation, over a glass of wine with a friend or one of those middle of the night epiphanies. Then you can't wait to start mixing ingredients and see what that wise idea turns into. We have some duds but we've had some winners too. Who would've thought you can do so much with a little pepper?

Of course, in this family sometimes there literally are too many cooks in the kitchen. "It needs more coconut!" or "It's too spicy!" or "Why aren't we making the one I wanted to do instead?" The chatter and opinions are endless but the cool thing is that all of that banter often times leads to another great idea. Sometimes the flops even spark a totally different approach that leads to a totally different product.

At the end of the day, I don't care if there are too many cooks in the kitchen or too many new ideas, we are doing this together and creating great things. What more can you ask for?

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