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Our Spicy Story:


We are Rob and Lynn Rostau, a health care practitioner and a seasoned (pun intended) business executive, both long-time Hawai'i residents with three children, ages 8 to 20, all born and raised in the islands. While we have worked for many years in our traditional careers, we have found that some of our best time as a family is spent on the farm. It has allowed us to expand our passion for growing food and being outdoors, and has provided us the opportunity to contribute to our Island community. We grow a variety of crops, but have found the most exciting one without a doubt is the Hawaiian Chili Pepper! Not only do we love the experience of growing it, some of our most fond memories involve the creation of new products and recipes using these little red beauties. 

As we continued to grow and create with this locally revered fruit, we realized that we wanted to share its many uses and health benefits along with its amazing flavor and our custom creations with the world... and so Hawaiian Hotties was born! Our logo reflects a return to simpler times, where core values were paramount. These values continue to drive us in our business and our everyday lives. We are committed to being responsible stewards of our Island home and to bringing the Hawaiian Chili Pepper to the global market.

So, join us and follow our journey as we bring this treasured gem from our Hawai'i home to yours and...
"Spice up your life with Peppers from Paradise!"

Hawaiian Chili Plant
Hawaiian Chili Pepper Picking
Rob and Lynn Rostau
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